Ganges International Film Festival

About us

Ganges International Film Festival, GIFF is working as India’s global film festival, bringing the new talents and art forms in a single platform to grow and learn in a cumulative nature. We are moving towards the global village of cinematic foundations, and this is the biggest dictum of GIFF behind crafting the contemporary cine festival backed by technological developments.

In GIFF, our international jury of film directors and critics closely work with the core committee to produce the best result in terms of creativity and silver-screen’s innovation.

Our Mission

Ganges International Film Festival is working as an international platform for indie film directors from any corner of the globe by providing them with a collaborative place of discussion, collaboration, and recognition of their unique creations.

Our vision

Our vision is to encourage and support the independent ideas of filmmaking and to bring global cinema into a one-stop digital sphere by showcasing them to worldwide audiences.

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